The Project — Pups Club NFT

Pups Club aims to build the first private Web3 community for Pet Owners and Pet Lovers using NFT technology and its smart contract capabilities.

Joining Pups Club gives you access to:

  • A staking platform with surprise raffles
  • Exceptional Giveaways (of blue chip NFTs, Ethereum & more)
  • Exclusive access to live events for holders
  • Exclusive Merch Drop
  • Priority access to whitelists and airdrops for future collections
  • Exceptional hand-made art
  • More breeds drops (as well as the opportunity to vote which breeds we drop next)
  • Access to pet-related services offered by Pups Club’s partners (like veterinary consultancy, dog training capsules, pet insurance and more)

Why should I mint one of your Pups on December 17th? What are the benefits?


Pups Club is a different type of Web3 Project.

We are not just selling an NFT; what we are offering is a Lifetime Membership to our private community and all the perks that it comes with.

We are building the first private Web3 community for pet owners and pet lovers.

Are you ready ?

The fluffiest and cutest inhabitants of the Metaverse have arrived, and they are ready for some cuddles.

Welcome to Pups Club!

Warning! Our Pups have been linked to many cases of cuteness overload and you are very likely to suffer an uncontrollable urge to squeeze them. So scroll down at your own risk.

This handmade 3D NFT project brings you seven breeds of the most adorable and fashionable puppies of the Metaverse. They are:

  • The Chihuahuas
  • The French Bulldogs
  • The Golden Retrievers
  • The Pomeranians
  • The Poodles
  • The Italian Greyhounds
  • The Yorkshires

We have spent months crafting each of these puppies along with their cute accessories and clothing.

But our Pups are not only stylish. They all come with strong, distinct personalities and funny anecdotes.

Take Yorkie for example. You will definitely butt heads with this fluff ball of a Yorkshire who just can’t seem to stay away from mud. Impossible to stay mad at him for long, though.

Yorkshire, AKA, Yorkie

Personality Trait: Little Man. Big Heart.

I am known for: YOU TRY KEEPING THIS MUSTACHE CLEAN MATE. It’s not my fault I love playing in the mud and I’ve been blessed with this fur.

You’ll want to have long cuddle sessions with our Poodle, FluffyMcfluff (If you manage to catch him). I mean…. just look at that face!

Poodle, AKA, FluffyMcfluff Face

Personality Trait: Playing the fool.

I am known for: Getting what I want when I want it. I’m not afraid to bark and run around at 80 miles an hour if you promise me that treat but don’t hand it over. We had a deal!

Get ready to be bossed around by Miss Sassy, a Pomeranian with both beauty AND brains.

Pomeranian, AKA, Miss Sassy

Personality Trait: I am the boss around here.

I am known for: Bucking any stereotype attached to me. I may look vacant, but I do chemical engineering as a side gig when no one’s home.

Definitely keep an eye on The Mad King. This is one crazy cute Chihuahua (if you have a feeling he is plotting your demise behind those big brown eyes… you are probably right).

Chihuahua, AKA, The Mad King

Personality Trait: I’m not cold, I’m just full of rage.

I am known for: I have found the elixir of life and I’m likely going to outlive you and inherit this beautiful house. But don’t worry, I’m incredibly intelligent and will look after it with purpose.

SPEED will probably drive you mad. Impossible to keep up with this hyper Italian Greyhound.

Italian Greyhound, AKA, SPEED

Personality Trait: SPEED.

I am known for: SPEED. I’M HERE. NO I’M HERE. TOO SLOW, NOW I’M OVER HERE. NOW I’M asleep in your sock drawer.

Pamper Fashionista, an adorable French Bulldog with an aversion for rain, who knows exactly what she wants and deserves.

French Bulldog, AKA, Fashionista

Personality Trait: I hate rain with a fiery passion.

I am known for: Looking good all day, every day. I was made for this life.

See more pics and funny anecdotes of our Pups here, and pick your favorites.

This NFT collection will only have 10,000 Pups, and the mint will happen soon. So don’t miss the chance to get on our Adoption List and make some new paw friends!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and turn on your notifications so you won’t miss any updates.

Check out the links below to learn everything you need to know about the project:



🐶 Pups Club 🐾 💎 Mint on Dec 17th 2022 💎

Pups Club is the 1st private Web3 community for Pet Owners and Pet Lovers using NFT technology and its smart contract capabilities 💎 Mint on Dec 17th 2022 💎