The Mint — Pups Club NFT

Pups Club aims to build the first private Web3 community for Pet Owners and Pet Lovers using NFT technology and its smart contract capabilities.

Joining Pups Club gives you access to:

  • A staking platform with surprise raffles
  • Exceptional Giveaways (of blue chip NFTs, Ethereum & more)
  • Exclusive access to live events for holders
  • Exclusive Merch Drop
  • Priority access to whitelists and airdrops for future collections
  • Exceptional hand-made art
  • More breeds drops (as well as the opportunity to vote which breeds we drop next)
  • Access to pet-related services offered by Pups Club’s partners (like veterinary consultancy, dog training capsules, pet insurance and more)

Why should I mint one of your Pups on December 17th? What are the benefits?


Pups Club is a different type of Web3 Project.

We are not just selling an NFT; what we are offering is a Lifetime Membership to our private community and all the perks that it comes with.

We are building the first private Web3 community for pet owners and pet lovers.

Attention, people of the Metaverse! There are new bosses in town and they are ready to take it by storm (and by fluff)!

Pups Club is an NFT collection of 10,000 super cute companions looking for new owners. Beware of their cute paws, their fluffiness, their strong personalities and their great sense of fashion.

Want to adopt one of our Pups? Here is everything you need to know about the mint.

Poodle, AKA, Purebred Perfection

Personality Trait: I’m fiercely loyal.

I am known for: Don’t mistake these luscious curls for preciousness. I’ll get my hands dirty and throw down for anyone I love…and for that toy. Give that toy to me.

Pups Club wants to give all Pups lovers the same opportunity to get access to our adorable paw friends. It is important for us to spare our future holders the trouble of going through endless giveaways and mindless grind on Discord to have access to our Pups. Which is why the Mint will be carried out in two simple steps.

The Adoption List

Signing up on our Adoption List will guarantee you can mint one of our Pup at a price of 0.16 ETH during a private sale.

There will be a maximum of 2 Pups per wallet.

People on the Adoption List will have between 12 to 24 hours to mint.

Public Mint

If you don’t manage to get a spot on the Adoption List, you may still have the possibility to mint our Pups during a public mint. If the collection isn’t sold out during the Adoption List sale, the remaining Pups will be offered on the open market .

There will be no restriction to the number of Pups one person can buy during the public mint.

However, we have to stress the fact that the Public Mint isn’t guaranteed. So, you should hop on the Adoption List while you can. And remember, it’s first come, first served. So act fast!

The mint is scheduled for December 17th at 9 pm EST. After it takes place, holders will be given exclusive access to our Discord.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter where we will announce the exact date and time of the mint. And don’t forget to turn on your notifications so you won’t miss any updates.

Check out the links below to learn everything you need to know about the project:



🐶 Pups Club 🐾 💎 Mint on Dec 17th 2022 💎

Pups Club is the 1st private Web3 community for Pet Owners and Pet Lovers using NFT technology and its smart contract capabilities 💎 Mint on Dec 17th 2022 💎